Personal Training

As I mention in my blog, I am a NASM certified personal trainer.  I train at 24 Hour Fitness, but also independently at a gym near my home.  I focus on building core strength, flexibility, balance and stability.  Many people come to me wanting to “weight train” or “tone up” – which is a common goal of generally anyone looking to start a fitness program.  However, my response to this is: “you wouldn’t build your house before you lay your foundation would you?”   So, regardless of your fitness goal – weight loss, toning, muscle gain – I start everyone out the same.  I work on building core strength to help with posture and balance, providing your body with a well-developed starting point, and making your fitness goal that much more attainable.  Once my clients have developed a good sense of balance and flexibility, I begin enhancing their program to help achieve their fitness goal.

If you’re looking for tips on starting a new fitness program or would like to ask about personal training sessions, please contact me at  My pricing is flexible and I work around people’s busy lives and strict budgets.  I’m a firm believer in putting time and money into your health, but also understand that people have budget limitations.  Contact me for more information.

Thank you and happy health!