A Whole New Self?

I have been a subscriber to Self magazine for a while, I’m going to guess at least five years.  Every month I receive a cellophane-wrapped, brightly-covered copy of the latest and greatest, all things health and fitness related for women.  Whenever I check the mail and find the newest issue I immediately scan the cover and excitedly anticipate the moment I will unwrap it and submerge myself in fitness tips, testimonials, and workout gear.  Sometimes, like the August 2010 issue, there are even puppies on the cover – puppies?!  How can I resist!?


Unfortunately, I resist often, letting months of issues collect in a forgotten pile of junk mail, advertisements and Pottery Barn catalogs.  At times, I will uncover this pile, and again, keep all issues I have not read in anticipation of getting to them eventually.  I have considered cancelling my subscription because the guilt I feel when uncovering these unread gems makes me feel resentful of my busy, unrelenting schedule. I can’t find the time to read a magazine??  How sad is that.  So, year after year I continue to pay $12 annually, thinking, this year I will read it!  I will find the time!

That time finally came yesterday when I decided I needed a break – a break from studying, cleaning, worrying, taking care of Bentley, laundry – in other words, LIFE.  So, I grabbed my newest issue, a bottle of water and some sunscreen and headed to our pool.  If I could sneak in an hour of laying out and reading, I’d be happy.  I settled in a lounge chair and began reading.  And I didn’t stop.  I read it cover to cover, even the advertisements, even their “Flash” pages that give interesting tips and trivia on each section – basically, EVERYTHING.

I was hooked from the beginning by the Editor’s Letter.  It was titled “Transform yourself!” in which she went into detail of events that had happened in her life that had changed her.  It wasn’t something that I could specifically relate to, but it was nice to read about someone who had made changes in their life in order to live healthier and happier.  As I got to the end, there was a blurb titled “The Science Behind Lucy’s Story” – an M.D.’s take on the biological changes of the human body.  WOW.  Please take a second to read this, it’s truly remarkable (click to enlarge):


I couldn’t believe it – your body is 1% different, or renewed EVERY DAY.  Your taste buds are different, even your muscles are completely new after 90 days.  And the best part of all??  “The most powerful change you can make is to exercise” – as if we didn’t know this already, but sometimes I think we forget.  I forget all the time.  I forget how great it feels to be in shape when I’m out of shape.  Reading this small, scientific blurb really made me thankful that I do exercise and I do strive to stay healthy.  It’s really, really hard when life is crazy and I have a million things on my to-do list.  It was even harder when I sat at a desk for 9+ hours a day.  Reading this recent issue of Self made me thankful for a lot of things, but most importantly for my future in fitness and weight loss.  I cannot wait to become a certified personal trainer and help people attain their health and fitness goals.  Thank you Self for making me realize it’s not hard to be a new and improved person!

Note to runners – typically, I do a 12-week marathon training program.  That is almost 90 days – add in a few days of base-building, and guess what?  From the time I start preparing for a marathon to the day I run it, my legs are BRAND NEW.  How’s that for some mental encouragement on race day?  Your legs have completely renewed themselves since the beginning of your training.  Not only that, but they are renewed with all the strength, stamina and hard-core a$$ kicking you’ve gone through to make them strong and enduring.  Congratulations, you are ready to run with a strength you’ve never experienced.

Other cool things from this issue:

A database of 5k and 10k Races you can do with your dog!

Slim down with your dog

Best. App. Ever.

Entertaining summer read

There are so many other great things about Self and and I’m so excited to read past (yes, many issues in piles that I can’t throw away) and future issues.  I think this means I will keep my $12 monthly subscription.


5 responses to “A Whole New Self?

  1. LOVE it! Thanks for sharing! I had self for a long time and then just dropped it, but I want it back. 🙂

    Great article!

  2. Training does a body, mind and spirit good!
    Sometimes motivation is not enough to make lasting weight loss changes. Weight loss requires a mind shift. Weight loss may be the easist aspect of the entire process. The most difficult is making the process a life long and enjoyable journey. In other words, you may achieve your goal weight. Can you stay there? The answer is YES, if you have a shift in the way you think and do. Learn more.

  3. I haven’t tried the SELF app but I will now. If anything it HAS to be better than the SHAPE Bride app that recommended I go get botox a couple of months out from my wedding.

    Huge Fail.

  4. SELF is actually one of the women’s magazine I find that has useful information! I am so bad about actually reading magazines though…I have a huge stack of Runner’s World that is waiting for me :-/

  5. Wow great post Kristin!!! You’re so good at this!! And hello, I didn’t know SELF had an iPhone app?? Must get!

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