Ima be, Ima be, Ima Ima Ima beeee!

For some reason, I LOVE that song right now!  Well, I actually have a good reason for loving this song.  Stephen calls me “B” – I don’t know why, but everyone who knows us pretty much knows that’s his name for me.  So when this song came out, I started laughing and was like “Hey!  Ima B!!!” now every time it comes on, we laugh and I sing it.  We’re silly, I know.

What a great weekend!!  First of all, I had the BEST 10 miler on Saturday with all the girls.  Tara, Maritza and Danica picked me up (so happy Danica was visiting!), then we met up with Aron.  The pups were there, minus Bentley.  Bentley had an accident involving my bathroom, a glass vase, and a sever case of claustrophobia which ended up with him cutting his paw.  He’s fine, everything’s fine, but  needless to say, he’s coming off an injury so he’s taking some time off from running. 

I’m currently maintaining my base mileage as I’m preparing for my Shamrockin Half Marathon on March 14.  I’m incorporating some speed work and going to try to PR, but we will see.  I’m just having fun and enjoying all the running I’m getting to do.

I think the best thing about Saturday was brunch together!  I heart these girls.  It’s a total gab fest of running, running and well, running.  With some life stories in there too of course.  Can you get five girls together without SOME gossip and boy talk??  I think not.

Sunday was a relaxing day, we went to church then pretty much vegged out and watched the Olympics!!  I’m obsessed.  I LOVE watching all these athletes out there, doing what they love and what they’ve sacrificed their entire lives to achieve.  I find myself holding my breath during most of the medal competitions.  I’m so nervous and anxious FOR them! 

I peeled myself off the couch long enough to go to Michael’s and get a shadowbox for my most prized medals and bib numbers.  So ok, I’m not putting Olympic gold in there, but I figure it’s the closest I’ll ever get so I might as well show it off!   I have no idea where I’m going to put it, but I love it!!


Have a good week everyone!

5 responses to “Ima be, Ima be, Ima Ima Ima beeee!

  1. Hey Kristin!!! I LOVE Ima B right now too! Im obsessed- when the song speeds up i totally start sprinting! So fun! I’m so jealous you girls got together this weekend! I miss you all so much and need to make a trip back out ASAP! I think im going to fly out for Long Beach in October- so if your around, you should run it too so i can see you! Hope all is well & bentley is okay! I call my boyfriend B as well! 🙂 B is a great nickname!

  2. I always thought it was ‘B’ for ‘babe’ or ‘baby.’ No? Don’t tell me if it’s something dirty! Hahaha j/k!

    It was so much fun to run on Saturday! I agree, those runs plus KK are THE BEST! ♥ Great job on your 10-miler!

    I LOVE the shadowbox! I need to go get one!

  3. YAY you all have CONVINCED me I must make a shadowbox now! 🙂 yours looks great. I call bryan B too, now it seems like it’s everyone’s nickname. Glad you had a great weekend and we got to run together! ❤

  4. yay love the shadowbox!!! SO FUN on saturday, i loved our breakfast 🙂 cant wait to run with you again soon!!!!

  5. YAAAAAYYYY for group runs! I had SO much fun that day! Love the shadowbox! It makes me feel so accomplished seeing all my medals and bibs displayed 🙂

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