Finally! I remembered my login for this thing…

My birthday and Huntington Beach Half Marathon Recap

I know, it’s been forever and A LOT has changed!  I’m living back in Walnut Creek, got a puppy and have been running again! 

Here is our puppy Bentley…and of course, he’s a runner now too!

Stephen and I are doing great, traveled for the holidays then got right back into running.  I’ve been enjoying morning runs with Aron, Tara and Martiza!  It’s soooo nice being back with them and running together.  I do miss the city, but it’s been a really great transition.

My first race since the CIM relay was for my birthday, the Huntington Beach Half Marathon.  I call this the race that almost wasn’t because I was very, very sick the entire weekend.  I hadn’t been training very hard because I knew I just wanted to run it and enjoy it, no time pressure or anything.  Well, thankfully that was my outlook because I really, really did not feel well the whole weekend.

What did make me feel better was all the wonderful surprises my boyfriend had planned for me!  We flew into Orange County on Saturday morning, at the airport my best friend Megan picked us up, it was a complete surprise!  We then drove to the “expo” until I found out we weren’t heading there, but to our ocean-front suite at the Hyatt!  We had a gorgeous room, complete with champagne.  After the expo and a nap, we headed to dinner where I was suprised again when 30 of my oldest and newest friends were there to help me celebrate!

After dinner  we relaxed in the hot tub then got some sleep.  I was exhausted and really not sure how in the world I was going to bust out 13.1.  When we woke up I did feel much better.  Megan and her parents came to meet us, then we headed down to the start line.  Aron and Chris met up with us as well and it was just a waiting game until the start.

I decided I would wait with Aron and see how I felt once we started.  I thought a pace of 9-9:30 would be ok for me to try.  Once we got started EVERYONE kept giving me happy birthday shoutouts thanks to my fun bday shirt from Megan!

At about mile 2.5 Danica and Billy caught up with us and from then on it was just a fun race.  I couldn’t really talk because it was impossible for me to breathe, run and talk all at once.  So, I mainly just enjoyed my race, loving all the birthday wishes!  By mile 11 I was pretty much done.  I looked at Aron and said, “I’m dying” – she encouraged me to keep going, that we were almost there!  With one mile left she was even able to get me to speed up!  We finished under 2 hours which took me by surprise (can you even surprise yourself on your surprise birthday weekend??).  Overall, the best birthday ever and a great race to end on! 

With all the great pictures I had to try my hand at Movie Maker and make a little video…

So, what’s next?  I’m planning to run the Bidwell Classic half marathon relay on March 6 in Chico, CA, then the Shamrockin Half on March 14 in Sacramento.  Not to mention, a fun little relay that few of us are planning to run in May! (more on that to come…)

I really want to focus on running and being in shape this year.  I want to share my running stories, puppy stories, cooking and workout tips, as well as all the other fun things life brings!  Can’t wait!

5 responses to “Finally! I remembered my login for this thing…

  1. Nice post, great birthday run and lovely to hear from you again. You’re looking great and sound like you’ve got a lot planned – keep us posted!

  2. YAY birthday, YAY race and YAYYYYY for a post!!! so happy i got to celebrate with you – such a fun weekend!!! ❤

  3. YAY! glad you are back and glad you had such a great time down here! I love meeting up with you girls and I hope to see you this weekend!

  4. I’m so sad I couldn’t be there to celebrate with you, but I’m so happy you had a blast and thanks for sharing your weekend with the video!

    I’m loving our morning runs, especially then they are puppy-rrific! ♥

  5. awwwww I love the video! I am sad I missed out, but so happy that you had such an amazing birthday! ♥

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