Is it the weekend yet??

Is it just me or has this week been the longest evvvver?  Thankfully, it is now Friday!  This week I’ve gotten in 21 miles of running and even an a.m. workout!  I’ve been pouring over my running schedule and deciding how and when I’m going to include weights.  I’m starting to get something nailed down, but looking forward to meeting with my new (personal trainer) roommate to see what kind of tips she can offer!  Last night I did a nine mile run with an average pace of just under nine-minute miles, not too bad!   Tomorrow I’m looking at 13-14 miles, five of which will be with my friend Krista who is a first time runner and training for her first half marathon!

me_Krista                                                                 Krista and I

As I go into this weekend I’m also trying to avoid something everyone else seems to be doing – getting sucked into the media hype of our terrible economy.  I am SO incredibly sick of hearing about our economy.  Yes, I know it’s bad, yes, I know it’s getting worse, yes, I know we haven’t hit rock bottom yet and yes, I know unemployment is at an ultimate high.  I think people are so scared of loosing their jobs, homes and savings, that everyone is at high-risk for insanity.  I don’t really want to live my life in fear, and even though this is a good time to learn financial lessons, save money and be more careful of spending, I think we’ve reached an epidemic level of panic.  I know my job isn’t guaranteed, I have friends that have recently become unemployed, but I also know that things aren’t going to be this way forever.  Things will be hard, our economy isn’t going to bounce back over night, but does that mean we all have to live in fear and depression?  I hope not.  So, I’m going to spend my weekend enjoying what I have, being smart about my money, and NOT talking about our crappy economy.

I found a “good news” article for our current economic state, read it if you want to feel better – it made me feel better! Click here.


6 responses to “Is it the weekend yet??

  1. I am so sick of hearing about it too. It’s like ok I know the stock market tanked again, nothing I can do about it. You just can’t pay attention, have to be smart with your own situation and just live your life. I am definitely paying more attention to my money, but it’s definitely getting old hearing more bad news every single day.

    Great job on the runs!!! Monday funday for you! YAY 🙂 Hope to see you soon – I miss my girls!

  2. Nice job on your runs!!!

    and I am sick of hearing about the economy as well! Talking about it all the time isn’t going to make it any better!!!

    Have a great long run with you friend 🙂

  3. I totally agree the “pandemic” is out of control. The morale around my work is terrible. I realize it is a bad economy but I don’t like to be around depressed people all the time.

    Fun times with the new roommate…if you learn any new weight training secrets…please share!!!!

  4. Way to keep it positive and upbeat!

  5. Hey Kristin – great blog and good attitude! I agree – sitting around down in the dumps isn’t helping anyone and it if means we need to find some cheaper fun / life f0r the time being, let’s do so without being so negative about it. Keep it up! Hope the running’s going well.

  6. Hi Kristin! Just found your blog, yay! Good luck on the 12k this weekend!

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