8 is Great!

I pounded out 8 miles last night, in the wind!!  It was so windy on the Embarcadero(one of my fav places to run in San Francisco) and I wanted to give up, but I didn’t.  I kept the pace moderate and just wanted to finish.  I felt good afterwards, tired and sweaty, but good!  At first I kept it slow, but picked it up at my turn around point, sprinting two 100 meters.  On the way back I sprinted the last 100 meters or so!  Having the wind at my back on the way home was much better then on the way out. 

Time: 1:10:02, Avg. mile: 8.47

Apartment time!!  After my run (yes, gross and everything, I know) I went and looked at a new apartment.  Well, not really new, just new to me.  I live in a studio and I love it, but I need to save some $$ and am currently looking on craigstlist to see who needs a roommate!  I want to live in either Nob Hill, Russian Hill or the Marina.  The Marina ONLY if I find something cheap and close access to Van Ness.  If I live in the Marina, getting to BART is almost impossible, so I will have to drive to work every day.  Anyways, I looked at a place in Nob Hill last night and I liked it!  It was really big, but had a small kitchen 😦  The roommates were cool, two dudes, and the place was pretty neat.  I wasn’t 100% sold on it, so I’m still looking this weekend.  However, it was really inexpensive, close to BART (so I can still walk to BART when I need to) and has an extra room!!  My room would be huge too, so it had some perks.  Hmm…I think I will probably make a decision this weekend so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

4 responses to “8 is Great!

  1. Great job on the 8 miles! Awesome!

    And I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you find an awesome place to live soon! 🙂 🙂

  2. awesome job on the run!!!! i love 8 milers 🙂

    fingers crossed on the roomie situation! you are definitely going to find a great place!

  3. nice job on the run!!! 8 miles is such a great distance!!!!

    Yay, you found a place!!! hehe

  4. Holy cow, you ran fast!! Seriously, you are going to ROCK San Diego. I can’t wait to see you PR, like big time!!

    And, I know the news already so CONGRATS on your new apt!!!!

    Oh and THANK YOU so much for the amazing cheering going on yesterday, in the RAIN. I love you and the ROHOs so much. I just saw the photos and the video and I am truly touched. I am kinda teary and stuff…. *sniff*’
    Thank you!!!!

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